"Generations" Titans Return Repugnus with Solus Prime Toy Review


General Information:
Release Date: July 2018
Price Point: $24.99 USD
Retailer: Amazon Exclusive
Accessories: Swords x 2, Dastard Titan Master figure, Solus Prime Prime Master figure

Official photos above and text below in italics are from Amazon.com:
Celebrate the Prime Wars Trilogy with this special edition Combiner Wars Decepticon Blast Off figure. It’s built with updated Combiner Wars molds and decorated in new colors. Plus, it’s the only Transformers figure that includes the clear Megatronus Prime Master figure. During the Prime Wars, Decepticon Blast Off knew he was superior to the Autobots. With the Megatronus Prime Master, the gap between him and other bots has widened. Now he can imbue his laser rifle with a fragment of the power of the Requiem Blaster, the weapon of Megatronus himself. This Deluxe Decepticon Blast Off is a 5.5-inch scale figure and comes with a 1.5-scale Megatronus Prime Master figure. The Decepticon Blast Off figure converts from space jet to robot mode in 15 steps. The Prime Master figure converts between robot and spark in 1 step. Transformers all related characters are trademarks of Hasbro.

In late 2016 the Titan Master Twinferno was released as part of the "Titans Return" line. Then shortly after in early 2017 Titan Master Repugnus was released and in late 2017 Grotusque was released and thus, the team formerly known as the Monsterbots were finally complete!

Or so it seemed.

While many fans liked the Repugnus figure that was released, he was tiny compared to his larger Monsterbot brethren, and thus fans began to hope/speculate/demand that Repugnus get his due as a Deluxe Class figure as opposed to just being a Titan Master. Fast forward to August 2018 and at long last fans have a Deluxe Class Repugnus as part of a special set of figures released exclusively through Amazon! This figure is an extensive retool and redeco of Twinferno, so it's worthwhile to check out that review. This review will focus on the changes made to the figure for this release.

Between Summer and Fall of 2018, Amazon released three exclusive Deluxe Class figures: Blast-Off, Repugnus and Punch/Counterpunch. Instead of just slapping these figures onto blister cards and calling it a day, Hasbro created special packaging for each. Each figure was boxed in packaging that featured a flap with character artwork on it. Open the flap and you would see the figure in robot mode inside along with its exclusive Prime Master. There is a "Prime Wars" logo at the top with the familiar "Generations" and "Transformers" logos on the right. The side of the box features artwork that is meant to connect to the other two boxes to form one giant scene featuring the exclusive figures in one crowd scene!

In Repugnus' case, the side of the box features him in robot mode, while the front flap features him in beast mode attacking enemies. The side also has the "Titans Return" logo, indicating which segment of the "Prime Wars Trilogy" he hails from. The back of the packaging will be familiar to "Generations" fans, featuring the figure in both modes against a grey grid background and a short bio. His transformation is called out as having 19 steps. On the upper right hand corner is a callout for Solus Prime. Overall this is beautiful packaging with gorgeous artwork and a very fan/collector oriented design.

Solus Prime

This set features a redeco of the Solus Prime Prime Master figure without the Octopunch Decoy Armor. The Prime Master figure sculpt is the same as the mass release Solus Prime, but it has been given all new colors. The figure is now a combination of translucent blue and silver plastic. Grey paint details are used on parts like the arms to give it detailing. Meanwhile, Solus Prime's symbol on the back is painted light blue. Since this figure did not have to adhere to a similar set of colors as the Octopunch Decoy Armor it winds up looking more unique and I like the way the translucent blue pops in the Spark mode. This is a nice "bonus" item for this set.


When Twinferno and Grotusque were released, their Titan Master heads were based on "Battle Beast" characters who had appeared in the Japanese "Headmasters" cartoon in the 80's. Keeping theme going, Repugnus' Titan Master partner Dastard is also based on a Battle Beast! This time out the designers used the same body that was used for Daburu and Fengui, but it has a new head sculpt based on the head of the Hedgehog Battle Beast. The character made a couple significant appearances in the cartoon so it made sense for him to appear as the "third" Battle Beast in the line. The head sculpt has a pointed snout and quills along the top of the head. I think it looks great and I love how this relatively obscure reference continues through all three Monsterbots.

Dastard is cast in yellow and brown plastic. His face, inner arms and feet are painted grey. These colors are all roughly based on the original Battle Beast Hedgehog figure and even better? The yellow matches with Repugnus' head color (which leads me to think that is part of the reason Hedgehog was chosen as the inspiration for Dastard).

Dastard's head mode is interesting. You would think the designers could have taken the easy way out and just recycled the previous "Titans Return" Repugnus face plate, but instead they took this as an opportunity to dig a bit deeper into "Mosnterbot lore". See, when Repugnus was released as a figure, he had one head design, but later it was changed for his animation and comic book models. The biggest difference between the two are the eyes. The original figure had small eyes while the animation/comic book model had large visor eyes. The previous Repugnus Titan Master was the animation/comic book version. This time out the designers sculpted the G1 toy head! What's great about this is if you have both versions you can pick and choose which head you attach! Personally I think the head with the visor eyes looks better, but your mileage will vary.


Robot Mode:
Repugnus is an extensive retool and redeco of Twinferno. When I say extensive I mean it. The main parts that Repugnus shares with Twinferno are parts of the feet, the ankles and the thighs. He borrows the fists from Grotusque but everything else on this figure is entirely new! That includes the torso, the shoulders, forearms and lower legs. It is a very impressive. I had originally thought the designers would just recycle Twinferno or Grotusque's torso and maybe give him new arms and call it a day but this is much more than that.

Many of the new parts feature details from G1 Repugnus. These details include:

  • Both G1 and this Repugnus transform partly by having the beast mode head swing onto the back, so the mandibles peek out from behind the shoulders.
  • The shoulders each feature a beveled, vertical horizontal design that is also found on G1 Repugnus.
  • The chest panels (formed by the sides of the beast mode arms) features circles on them, just like G1 Repugnus.
  • The side of each forearm features a raised section that has a vent at the end.
  • The area in the middle of the waist/hip area features several horizontal lines in a row.
  • Each knee features an indented trapezoid shape, a callback to a sculpted detail on G1 Repugnus.
  • Each lower leg have thick horizontal beveled strips running across just like G1 Repugnus.

Repugnus is cast in red, white, brown and grey plastic. The robot mode mostly shows off the yellow, white and red with some smaller brown parts. These are all key colors from G1 Repugnus and it is a fairly unique combination, helping to make this figure instantly recognizable to G1 fans. The yellow used on this figure is much brighter than the yellow from G1 Repugnus' figure. The way the colors are laid out, each section has a nice combination of colors that help certain colors contrast and pop. Perhaps the best example is the torso which is yellow, but has red panels on the chest. The shoulders and biceps are white, which then leads to red forearms and then back to white fists. Overall I really like both the color choices and arrangement on this figure.

there are several paint applications giving this figure more details. Grey is used on the vents on the sides of the forearms, his knees are paitned yellow and there is brown on the feet (a callback to G1 Repugnus). The eyes on the head are painted green. Some yellow and red is used on the middle of the torso. The finishing touch is a tampographed Autobot symbol on the right side of the chest. Overall the deco looks great.

There are twenty one points of articulation in this mode. This includes five on each arm and leg and the head. Repugnus includes two sword accessories. They are cast in translucent green plastic and parts are painted brown. These can be held in each hand via 5mm pegs or you can connect them together to form a claw-weapon that connects to either forearm. Interestingly, the combined swords have 'Master figure pegs, allowing you to attach current era Head/Prime/Titan Master figures. As with many figures of the "Prime Wars" Trilogy era there is a port in the back of the waist area that can work with Bandai display stands.

Transformation to Beast Mode:

  1. Detach the weapons and set them aside for now.
  2. Detach the head and transform it into robot mode.
  3. Straighten out the arms and legs.
  4. Swing each fist into the forearms.
  5. Swing the chest panels out and rotate them around, then swing out the claws.
  6. Swing the best mode head up and over the area where the robot head was.
  7. Swing the robot arms back.
  8. Rotate the forearms so the fists face upward, then swing them in, tabbing the forearms against the back.
  9. Swing the ankle sections out.
  10. Swing the lower legs over the back of the thighs.
  11. Push the two lower legs together.
  12. Swing the ankle sections in.
  13. Swing the beast mode legs out from the robot foot pieces and straighten out the beast mode feet.
  14. Connect the swords to the back using the tabs on the robot forearms and the corresponding slots on the swords.
  15. Dastard can be placed inside the compartment in the chest.

Beast Mode:
In Generation One Repugnus transformed into a bug monster complete with claws, giant mandibles and clawed feet. Now as part of the "Prime Trilogy" he transforms into...a bug monster! Like the robot mode, this form features extensive retooling from the Twinferno sculpt. Basically the entire upper body is different from the robot arms folding to the back, to the beast arms with the claws and the giant "bug head". Even better? The designers also replaced the lower beast mode legs to match up with G1 Repugnus' clawed feet! I was really surprised by how much work went into retooling this figure and I am very happy about it.

This mode mostly features the same colors as the robot mode, but you see a bit more grey on the hand/claws and feet. The beast mode head is translucent green plastic with brown on the head and grey on the mandibles. Among the most impressive details to me are the tampographs on the sides of the legs, which are based directly off stickers from G1 Repugnus! I'm very happy with the deco in this mode.

There are seventeen points of articulation in this mode. This includes four on each arm and leg. In a bit of unexpected articulation, the beast mode mouth can open and close. Interestingly, there is a variant of this figure where the arm articulation works differently. On (what fans speculate) is an earlier release, the beast mode arms could swing outward and in. Mine does not do that, suggesting that mine may have come from a later production run (which is interesting, because I ordered them within an hour of them going up on Amazon). As of this writing, fandom is still trying to figure out just how to identify this variant from assortment or lot numbers, but given the scarcity of this figure (at the moment) this may take some time to figure out. Like his fellow Monsterbots, Repugnus has two 'Master pegs on his back, allowing a 'Master figure to stand on his back.

Final Thoughts:
"Prime Wars Trilogy"/"Titans Return" Repugnus is awesome. The figure manages to be a retool but feature mostly new parts and it also shows that the powers that be listen to fans when they ask for figures like this to "complete" their Transformers teams. I am very happy that the Monsterbots are now all together in a Deluxe scale. This figure is an excellent example of how retooled and redecos of figures can be amazing! Highly recommended.


  • Beautiful packaging.
  • Above average amount of retooling and new parts.
  • Good deco in both modes.
  • "Battle Beasts" homage is fantastic.
  • Many details are borrowed straight from the G1 Repugnus figure.
  • Solus Prime figure looks great with the translucent blue parts.


  • Scarcity may make this expensive on the aftermarket (as of early August 2018, he is sold out on Amazon).

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