"Generations" War for Cybertron: Siege Autobot Hound Toy Review


General Information:
Release Date: November 2018
Price Point: $19.99 (depending on retailer)
Retailer: General (Toys R Us, Target, Wal-Mart etc.)
Accessories: W-5 Holo-Beam Refraction Blaster weapon accessory, RT-10 IR Electro-Scope Launcher weapon accessory

Official images and text below in italics are from Amazon.com:

  • BUILD THE ULTIMATE BATTLEFIELD - The Generations War for Cybertron trilogy introduces an expansive ecosystem of collectible figures. (Each sold separately. Subject to availability). Featuring classic G1 characters, War for Cybertron: Siege plunges fans into the epic fight to survive on the final day of the Autobot and Decepticon battle to control Cybertron. The time of peace is gone. Cybertron is a war-torn battlefield, overrun by the fighting between two factions: the Decepticon resistance army and the Autobot counter-resistance fighters.
  • 5.5-INCH SCALE AUTOBOT HOUND FIGURE - This articulated Deluxe Class WFC-S9 Autobot Hound action figure features classic conversion between robot and Cybertronian armored truck modes in 14 steps. Perfect for fans looking for a more advanced converting figure. The Siege line offers thrilling throwbacks to G1 and exciting new play patterns for all generations.
  • CUSTOMIZABLE WEAPON LOADOUT – The dependable heavy weapons tactics sergeant, Autobot Hound, gears up for battle with the customizable C.O.M.B.A.T. System. The Deluxe Class WFC-S9 Autobot Hound figure features multiple C.O.M.B.A.T. System weapon ports to attach weapons, enabling custom weapon configurations in bot and vehicle modes. The figure comes equipped with 2 weapons accessories. The 2 weapons combine to form a larger weapon.
  • EXPANDABLE WEAPON SELECTION - War for Cybertron: Siege weapon accessories are compatible with figures across the line. Compile an arsenal of additional weapon accessories from other War for Cybertron figures, or use Battle Masters, Micromaster, and Deluxe Class Weaponizer figures to build bigger mission loadouts. (Each sold separately. Subject to availability). Battle Masters, Micromaster, and Deluxe Class Weaponizer figures convert, combine, or break apart to become weapons to equip all other War for Cybertron figures.
  • ADD BATTLE EFFECTS WITH FIRE BLASTS ACCESSORIES - Attach Fire Blasts accessories to the ends of weapon accessories to simulate blasterfire or explosions firing from the weapons. (Not included. Included with Battle Masters figures. Each sold separately. Subject to availability) Multiple Fire Blasts ports on the figures and vehicle modes allow fans to enhance their battlefield with simulated battle damage. All figures and weapon accessories in the Siege line are compatible with Fire Blasts accessories.

Build the ultimate battlefield with Transformers War for Cybertron: Siege toy figures. Siege plunges fans into the epic fight to survive on the final day of the Autobot and Decepticon battle to control Cybertron. The Decepticon resistance army and the Autobot counter-resistance fighters gear up with the C.O.M.B.A.T. (Cybertronian Omnifuctional Modular Battlefield Assault Tech) System, the universe's most advanced modular weaponry.

The WFC-S9 Autobot Hound figure features story-inspired battle-worn deco and is equipped with a W-5 Holo-Beam Refraction Blaster weapon accessory and a RT-10 IR Electro-Scope Launcher weapon accessory. The 2 weapon accessories mod-lock together to form the larger HD Vector-Beam Mega-Blaster. Multiple C.O.M.B.A.T. System weapons ports in bot and vehicle modes allow fans to attach weapons to figure in custom weapon configurations. Transformers and all related characters are trademarks of Hasbro.

In 2018 the "Power of the Primes" line finished off the "Prime Wars Trilogy" which had begun with "Combiner Wars". To kick off a whole new G1 inspired series of "Generations" figures, a new line known as "War for Cybertron: Siege" started in late 2018 (with a planned wide release in 2019). The traditional Deluxe Class of figures continues in "Siege".

Among the figures in the first wave of Deluxes is Hound. Hound was one of the original Autobots introduced in 1984. Over the years he has popped up a few times in the Transformers toy line since G1. There was an unreleased G2 version of the character. Later versions included an updated interpretation in the "Universe 2.0" line and the more recent "Combiner Wars" figure. While he may not be the most widely known Autobot, he is hardly forgotten!

Taking a cue from "Studio Series", the Deluxe figures in "Siege" are packaged in boxes instead of the traditional bubble card used for Deluxe Class figures. These boxes are beautiful featuring an unusual shape with one flat side and one angled side. While elements of previous packaging are still found on the boxes (ex: the vertical Transformers logo, the "Generations" logo, a largely black background etc.) there is a lot more added on. First, the background is not solid black. There are designs on it that look like sparks or perhaps embers from flames On the angled side is the character's package art. In this case it shows Hound seemingly in the middle of a battle. Interestingly, the artwork for Hound has the head of "Cybertron Defense" Hot Shot, suggesting a future redeco might be in the works! The figure itself is in robot mode behind a clear plastic window. To the left is a chevron with the character name. Below that is the "War for Cybertron: Siege" logo.

The back of the box features Hound in both modes indicating a 14 step transformation. Off to the side are Blowpipe and Lionizer in weapon mode. This section shows off their compatability with Hound as weapons including the use of Fire Blast effects.

In a fun extra, shining a black light on the packaging will reveal Cybertronian glyphs. Input them on Hasbro's "Teletraan-1" web site and you get a translation. In Sideswipe's case his glyphs translate to "Maccadams", the name of the famous bar from Transformers lore. Enter that into the Teletraan-1 web site and it unlocks a profile for the character (see image above) along with a video featuring the figure.

Hound includes three accessories. One is the "W-5 Holo-Beam Refraction Blaster". This is a thin weapon with a round barrel that resembles the rifle included with the G1 figure. This piece is cast in black with silver deco. There is a 5mm peg on the bottom.

The second accessory actually goes with the first. While not called out in the product description, Hound includes a cylinder that can attach to the back of the "Refraction Blaster" to form what looks like an ammo drum. This piece is also cast in black with silver deco on it. This piece also serves as a callback to the spare tire piece that was included with G1 Hound.

The final accessory is the "RT-10 IR Electro-Scope Launcher weapon". This piece is based on the rocket launcher that came with G1 Hound. It shares its basic shape, but there is no rocket to attach. Instead, the opening is designed to accomodate the blast effects included with the Battle Masters. This piece is cast in a dark green with silver and coopper paint details. It features a 5mm peg on the bottom and back, allowing you to connect it to other weapons in different configurations.

Robot Mode:
While the "Combiner Wars" Hound figure was a redeco/retool of a previous sculpt, the designers went back to the drawing board for this figure. This Hound's design is a bit of a composite, taking features from the original toy an character models as a foundation and then adding on new elements. The two most defining aspects of Hound's look include his head sculpt and chest design. The head has an angled, blocky helmet section over a face with two eyes, a nose and a mouth. Meanwhile, the chest section features the headlights and parts of his engine from the vehicle mode sticking out in front.

The rest of the figure looks almost like a set of generic, blocky looking robot parts, but it works for the character. The arms and legs in particular are choc full of detailing from top to bottom including layers of armor panels and small lines and circles. From a sculpting standpoint, this figure is a visual treat!

Hound is cast in dark green, black and silver plastic. Green makes up most of the figure with the other colors used for parts like his waist/hip area. In terms of deco, Hasbro and Takara Tomy have definitely upped their game. First, there are several details in white that call back to G1 Hound. This includes silver stars on his shoulders and white paint on the headlights. Copper is used on the forearms and chest in a callback to the G1 toy which had similar detailing. A bit of yellow is used for additional coloring on the chest. The face is painted silver with light blue eyes. The top of the chest has a silver and red Autobot symbol on the left side.

Much ado has been made of the battle damage on the "Siege" figures, and in Hound's case I really do like it. He has some silver "damage" brushed onto the chest and lower legs. However, keep in mind these details are not universal across the line so you should visually inspect your figure before making your purchase if possible. Overall I really like the deco on this figure. There is a lot of visual variety and it pays homage to G1 Hound brilliantly.

There are twenty points of articulation on this figure. This includes five in each arm and four in each leg. Surprisingly, one of these points of articulation is wrist articulation, something that steadily vanished from the Transformers line over the past few years. I am happy to see it return. With its emphasis on weapons and attachign accessories, it is no surprise that Hound has nine 5mm ports in this mode (eleven if you want to count the ones in the front of his legs). This includes one on the back, two flanking the head, two on each arm and one on the side of each lower leg. This gives you a lot of potential connection points for accessories. Since these use standard 5mm ports, you are not limited to accessories that came with "Siege". Feel free to dig up blasters and melee weapons from previous Transformers toys using 5mm pegs and you can attach them as well! There's a lot of fun potential here.

On top of all that, you also have attachment points on Hound for the "blast effects" included with Battle Masters. There is one on each shoulder, one on each leg and one on the chest. These give the figures the appearance of being hit by blasts, helping to really sell the illusion of these figures being in a battle in your displays!

Transformation to Vehicle Mode:

  1. Detach the accessories and set them aside for now.
  2. Straighten out the arms and legs.
  3. Swing the insides of each lower leg out, then swing it out.
  4. Swing the back panel back, then push the middle section down and swing it back.
  5. Swing the shoulder sections back a bit.
  6. Swing the chest up.
  7. Swing the arms in. Angle the arms slightly and push them up against the bottom of the vehicle mode.
  8. Rotate the leg panels forward to form the sides of the vehicle. Clip these panels in using the tabs on the sides towards the front of the vehicle.
  9. Push the black panel from the back of the robot mode down.
  10. Push the robot feet down.
  11. The wweapons can be attached to any of the 5mm ports on the top and sides of the vehicle.

Vehicle Mode:
In G1 Hound transformed into a military jeep. This mode is intended to represent the character millions of years before he comes to Earth so the designers created a vehicle that evokes his G1 vehicle mode but looks more like a "scifi" version of a Jeep. Sure it features the engine and headlights in the front and an open cage around the "driver's seat in the middle, but the vehicle has a thick, blocky look that suggests something intended to be able to stand up to damage in battle. The wheels also have a futuristic look, with some really nice line designs. The rear section has rear lights and what looks like machinery on top. Overall this is a nice blend of Hound's eventual Earth alt-mode and what hey might have been once upon a time.

This mode features mostly green plastic with some black and silver parts. The black is most notable on the top of the vehicle and the wheels. The silver is found in the middle section which helps break up the dark green plastic. Like G1 Hound, this figure features striped details. These are painted a copper color and can be found on the back and front. As mentioned above, the headlights are painted, but I was very pleasantly surprised to see the rear lights painted as well! Much like the wrist articulation in robot mode, painting details on the back of the vehicle mode started to go away years ago and it is great to see it back on this figure.

Hound features eight 5mm ports in this mode. Four are on the top, the other four are on the sides. This allows you to attach the weapons he comes with in various configurations, including a more classic one where his blaster sits on one side. You can also attach the drum to a 5mm peg in the back which calls back to the spare tire G1 Hound had on the back of his vehicle mode. If you want to pretend Hound is charging into battle on your display shelf, the front section features a peg to attach a blast effect, carrying over that play pattern into this mode.

Final Thoughts:
"Siege" Hound is excellent. For fans who missed out on "Universe 2.0" Hound and who were not satisfied with "Combiner Wars" Hound, this figure truly takes center stage as "the" Hound to add to your collection. Highly recommended!


  • Excellent sculpt that pays homage to G1 Hound while bringing in lots of new detailing.
  • Great articulation.
  • Lots of attachment points for accessories.
  • Cool accessories.
  • Great deco.


  • Some fans are not crazy about the way the arms do not fit into any slots in vehicle mode to hide them away.

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