"Generations" War for Cybertron: Siege Combat Megatron Toy Review



General Information:
Release Date: February 2019
Price Point: $29.99 (depending on retailer)
Retailer: Limited Release (Hasbro Pulse, BigBadToyStore, Entertainment Earth etc.)
Accessories: "D50-R35 Fusion Cannon," "HPR Telescopic Laserstrike Launcher" (combines to form "NFM Particle Beam Megalauncher")

Official images and text below in italics are from hasbropulse.com:
Product Description
This 7-inch Generations Selects is a fan-dedicated line of figures featuring special edition versions of characters that can’t be found in the main line, like a combat deco’d Megatron. Fans expected it in 1995, and now almost 25 years later, it’s finally happened. Gear up this Generations Selects WFC-GS01 Combat Megatron with awesome weapons. Figure is equipped with a HPR Telescopic Laserstrike Launcher weapon accessory with converting sword and blaster modes and a D50-R35 Fusion Cannon accessory. The 2 weapon accessories mod-lock together to form a larger weapon, the NFM Particle Beam Mega-Launcher. Combat Megatron figure features classic conversion between robot and Cybertronian battle tank modes in 17 steps. Turret rotates 360 degrees in tank mode.

Includes: Generations Selects Combat Megatron figure, 2 weapon accessories, and instructions. Figure scale: 7 inches. Ages 8 and up Manufactured under license from TOMY Company, Ltd.

More about Transformers Generations
Fans can expand their Transformers collection with Generation Selects figures. Generations Selects is a line of figures featuring special edition versions of fan-favorite and niche characters you can’t find in the main line. Fans expected it in 1995, and now almost 25 years later, it’s finally happened.

Product Features
Special edition camouflage deco inspired by the unreleased 1995 G2 Combat Hero Megatron.

Comes with 2 weapon accessories that can combine together to form a larger weapon. Fans can build bigger mission loadouts by compiling an arsenal of additional weapon accessories from main line Siege figures. (Each sold separately. Subject to availability). Features classic conversion from robot to tank modes in 17 steps.

During the waning days of Generation 2 in the mid 90's, several Transformers figures were solicited but never released. In time, a couple of these unreleased figures would see "modern day" releases utilizing existing sculpts with new decos. Examples include General Optimus Prime and Sgt. Hound. While these were once left to the realm of convention exclusives, Hasbro would continue this tradition with Combat Megatron who was released at venues such as Hasbro Pulse and BigBadToyStore. This figure pays homage to the unreleased "Combat Hero Megatron" redeco from 1995. This figure is a redeco of "Siege" Megatron so check out my review and gallery of that figure. This review will focus on the changes made to the figure for this release.

Unlike the mass market "Siege" figures, Combat Megatron is packaged in a cardboard box. However, this is not just a generic mailer box. There is a large Autobot symbol printed onto the box in a way that makes it look like it was spray painted on. Next to that are Cybertronian glyphs spelling out the word "War". Below that is the "Transformers War for Cybertron Trilogy" logo. A larger version of the "War for Cybertron" symbol is printed on the back. A large sticker keeps the box shut in front along with the "Generations" logo and the name "Combat Megatron" with a pile of legal information.

Open the top flap up and you will see Megatron in robot mode inside. The figure sits in a plastic tray. The interior of the box has a series of hexagons printed on them along with the "rank" logos seen on various "Siege" packaging inserts. Included with the figure are instructions and a printed letter from Hasbro team members Ben Montano and John Warden. The letter thanks the fan for being one of the first to get Combat Megatron and explains the "Selects" line of figures. This is a nice extra touch to launch this line of figures.

Megatron includes two accessories. The first is his iconic Fusion Cannon. There have been several versions of Megatron with Fusion Cannons over the past few years, but many do not detach and even when they do they are rough approximations of the Fusion Cannon seen in the G1 animation model. This, however is the real deal. The Cannon features the large "thruster" like section in the back, the squared off middle section and a barrel that makes up most of the length of the cannon. There are plenty of sculpted details along the cannon, and while it is cast entirely in black plastic, some green paint sprayed on helps bring out the details. The cannon has a 5mm peg on the bottom and a shorter one on top. This allows it to attach to his forearm "G1 style" or other 5mm ports on the Megatron figure.

The other accessory is a bit less iconic, but it does call back to the history of the character. The second accessory is a giant sword with a V shape and distinctive sections that extend out to the sides in the middle. This is inspired by a sword originally included with G1 Megatron. However, this sword also a cannon! The middle section has a cannon built into it and you can separate the halves of the sword, swing them out (and back if you wish) to reveal the cannon. The cannon has a handle at the end and a 5mm peg that would allow you to attach it to any of the 5mm ports on Megatron.

The handle and cannon section is cast in green plastic with some beautiful black paint sprayed on the barrel. The sword blades are cast in black.

Both accessories are fantastic. They offer plenty of play value and look fantastic.

Robot Mode:
One tradition among exclusive Transformers figures is the creation of a new head sculpt. It may seem odd to create a new Megatron head sculpt for another Megatron figure but in this case fans may like this new head. While the mass release Megatron's head is based on his animated G1 appearance, this figure features a head sculpt based on his early form in the IDW Publishing comic books (which you can see here on the TFWiki). This design features more layers of detail than his later, more streamlined "helmet". This includes an extra "brow piece" over the eyes and an extra thick layer around the bottom of the helmet section. The sculpt is really nicely done and I was happy to see Hasbro offer something extra on top of a new deco.

Combat Megatron is cast in a metallic grey, white and black plastic. These colors are all inspired by the original unreleased G2 Combat Hero Megatron (you can see a photo of it on the TFWiki). On top of that is a distinctive camo pattern featuring green lines running across all the grey parts. Unlike most camo patterns that involve larger spots, these are thin lines. Black paint is used on the face while red paint is used for the eyes and the middle ofthe body. White paint is used on the waist/hip area and hands. There is one detail on this figure that pays homage to G2 as a whole instead of just Combat Hero Megatron. The chest features the name "Megatron" on it flanked by two lighting bolts. While G2 Combat Hero Megatron does not have this detail, it does pay homage to the way many G2 figures had the names of the characters printed on them. I love these types of details. Yes, they are kind of corny but much of the affection fans have for G2 was its more eccentric aspects and this does the job beautifully.

There are twenty points of articulation on this figure including four in each arm and five in each leg. Surprisingly, the joints on my copy of this figure are all tighter than the joints on my "Siege" Megatron. This figure feels super solid. That said, the ankle tilts are still "loose", but like "Siege" Megatron the figure can stand in place just fine without any problems.

There are ten 5mm ports on this figure to attach additional weapons and accessories. Four of these are on the back, four more are on the arms and the last two are on the sides of the legs. Unlike the previous release of this sculpt, the ports on the sides of the legs are nice and tight. I was very happy to see that the designers tightened up the figure for this release. If you want to give Megatron a more "G2" inspired look, mount the Fusion Cannon onto the top of the tread section on the right side. This simulates the way Megatron had his primary weapon set on the original Combat Hero toy. There are also four attachment points for blast effects (included with Battle Master figures). Two are on the arms and two are on the legs. This makes it look like Megatron is being hit by blasts in battle.

Unfortunately, the one weakness of this figure is still there - the unsupported flap that the head sits on. Like the original version the panel does not collapse or anything. It holds up just fine, but I still would have preferred having something supporting the panel.

Transformation to Vehicle Mode:

  1. Detach the accessories and set them aside for now.
  2. Straighten out the arms and legs.
  3. Swing each fist into the forearms.
  4. Swing the pieces behind the shoulders up.
  5. Swing each heel into the feet.
  6. Point the feet down at an angle.
  7. swing the back panel with the tank treads up.
  8. Swing the robot arms back.
  9. Swing each tank tread out.
  10. Swing the panel in the middle inward, connecting the tabs on the panel to the corresponding grooves on the insides of the tread pieces.
  11. Rotate the waist around.
  12. On each lower legs, swing the inner panel on the back down.
  13. Swing each leg out to the sides, then swing the lower legs in.
  14. Swing the lower legs up over the thighs, then swing the lower leg panel back into place,
  15. Push each lower leg into the tabs on the sides of the hips.
  16. Push the chest/back section in towards the center of the tank.
  17. Take the sword accessory and swing the blades out and back.
  18. Connect the Fusion Cannon to the sword.
  19. Connect the cannon barrel to the arms using the pegs on the Fusion Cannon.

Vehicle Mode:
G2 Combat Hero Megatron was a tank in his alt-mode, so this figure's tank mode fits the homage perfectly. All the deco in this mode was visible in the robot mode so there are few surprises. That said, the red details on the cannon barrel are now more obvious and the white from the arms concentrates a bit more on the turret section. There is one other detail which could easily be missed on the top of the vehicle: look carefully and you will see a Geneation 2 Decepticon symbol with the alpha-numeric "MGTN95" under it (short for "Megatron 1995"). I love the callback to the G2 Decepticon symbol and the year the original figure was meant to be released. Kudos to the designers for adding this detail.

I am still happy to see the turret being able to turn. Over the years this has become less common with "tank" Transformers so this is great. The tank rolls on four small wheels on the bottom. There are two 5mm ports on either side of the vehicle. You could also flip out the robot fists if you wanted to attach extra weaponry. The hard points for the Blast Effects are found on top of the turret and on the rear tread sections.

Final Thoughts:
Combat Megatron is a fantastic and unexpected release. I already loved this base sculpt, but adding the mystique of the never-before-released figure really amps up my appreciation for this figure. Now, not all Transformers fans care for the whole "G2" thing and I get that. It is a very specific aesthetic that calls back to another time and let's face it, it's really weird for Megatron to have his name on his chest and shoulder. Highly recommended!


  • Fantastic sculpt in both modes.
  • Nice new head sculpt.
  • Fun and intuitive transformation.
  • Plenty of connection points in both modes for accessories.
  • Cool and fun accessories.
  • Great deco in both modes.
  • The joints and leg connection points have been tightened up.
  • Fun homage to an unreleased figure.


  • The flap the head sits on should have something to attach to or rest on.

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